Monday, March 10, 2008

Nancy Parker (bumped)

Nancy Parker works at ProtoTest, headhunting for testers. Who'd have thought that was a business? They have, Nancy says, "fewer than 100 employees."

Her business card says "Technical Recruiter," but she's actually a geek. Back when she was trying to find me a job, she gave me a quiz, and asked me questions about vi. (Which, I'll add, she knew the answers to.)

Nancy's also the PR person for the Software Quality Association of Denver (SQuAD).

Friday afternoon, Marcia Derr and Nancy and I went to coffee at Pete's. I wanted to introduce them because they're both saxophone players.


Nancy was nervous about having her pictures up on the web, so she asked me to take 'em off. No problem!

If you want to see Nancy, you'll have to see her in person. Call her up and ask her to find you a job, for example.

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