Sunday, March 16, 2008

CLUE Installfest

Dave Anselmi has just put together another, successfull CLUE installfest. He's doing them every three months or so.

I went to the first one just to put faces to names: two guys who said they were going, Dave and Collins Ritchie, are so consistently helpful and sane on mailing lists that I wanted to see what they looked like.

Here they are, in the flesh. Okay, "in the pixels." To see them in the flesh, come to an installfest.

The other picture is Mike, Richard, and Kathryn. Richard's in the middle, helping Mike and Kathryn install Linux on their boxes. Mike's putting Fedora 7 on his desktop, and Kathryn's putting Ubuntu on her laptop.

It's fun to help folks with stuff. When they thank me for helping them, I sometimes say, "Well, it's not free. I do charge my standard fee ...."

When they start to look concerned. I say, "You have to help someone else."

Richard came over to Caffe Sole a few weeks ago, to ask for help installing Linux on his laptop. Now, he's passing it on.

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