Sunday, March 9, 2008

His Master's Voice

Just now, I got bluetooth proximity detection working.

When I sit down at my laptop, the laptop unlocks. When I walk away, it locks.

It's detecting the presence of the cell phone in my pocket, via bluetooth.

If it's locked and I don't have my cell, I just log in normally.

It's Nipper-in-a-box. Or another case of Enterprise computing.

(Why would someone even want this? Oh, come on. Next question?)

1 comment:

Jazz said...

So now I don't have to read your mind and steal your password to get into your computer; I just have to mug you. (Hope you don't have your home address displayed on your cell phone when it boots up.)

Admittedly, mugging you (specifically) for your phone may prove just as difficult as reading your mind, but that's not true for most folks. :-)