Thursday, March 20, 2008

Here's a header.

Now that I can use Google Docs as my word processor, for blogging, I'll take a little time to explore things it can do -- get comfy with it.

First, I need to organize what's there. I have a long list of documents, by now (I started using it when it was Writely), but I've never really lived in it. It has "folders" now, so I suppose I should make some. Lessee ...

Creating a folder and moving a document to it requires a little clickery, but isn't awful.

What all's in the menus? I'll go left-to-right. First, File.㍾

Control-s saves. That's good.

What else? File->Document settings? Oooh. I can set a default font. Time for a little, sample Font book:

I was able to switch fonts yesterday, but not, it seems, today. Perhaps that's what they mean by Beta.

Still, it does look like I can do color, And size. Here's some blue text.

Here's a link to Google Docs and Spreadsheets. And here is my email address.

Now to do kinkier stuff. What's Insert->Comment do?

I'm not sure. Looks like it puts it into a little dotted box. I wonder if it'll appear in the blog post.
(Also, it seems to have some trouble switching back to normal font sizes when I tell it to. Maybe that's a beta thing, or maybe I just have to get used to it.)

And a bookmark? I'll set some bookmarks up in the red-backgrounded text. Hmm.

Insert->Special Characters? ¡Hola! Not a great inverted bang, but usable. Headers and footers? Sure. See for yourself.

Okay, enough playing for a bit. I'll post the sucker, and see how it looks.

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goyishekop said...

Colored text doesn't stay colored, and the comments and bookmarks seem not to do a thing. Other than that, it looks okay. Also, fonts remain horked.