Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Work Slippers

Browsing the scratch-and-dent section of Lands' End, I found this pair of slippers. Originally $50, they'd cut the price to $10. I had a $10 gift certificate, from a recent purchase, so I bought them. They made some kind of mistake in the process, so they offered me free shipping.

I still had to pay the tax, but the total charge on my credit card was under a buck.

They're all-weather slippers, so I can pop outside in them to go get something I left in the car. They fit snugly, have rubber soles with a tread, and they're lined with faux-shearling fleece. Very comfy.

I brought them in to work.

Now, when I get into work in the morning, I unlace my boots, take them off, and pop on my slippers.

They're comfy, I've made the transition to work, and work feels just a little nicer.

Yesterday, I had an annoying commute to work. Once I got in, I put on my slippers, poured myself a cup of coffee, and noticed myself starting to smile.

Little things can count.

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