Friday, February 1, 2008

Alex Schaefer: "Pretty good, for a guy with an English degree."

Alex Schaefer gave a great Boulder Linux Users' Group (BLUG) presentation, a few months ago, on Xbox Linux. He and his pal, Seren Thompson, came in, did an installation, with running commentary, onto a box they'd bought on eBay. Then they gave it away as a door prize.

Some astonished guy, there for his first meeting, left with it under his arm. "But, I walked here," he said.

Last night, Alex was at Hacking Society, at Caffe Sole, with news.

A few months ago, he wrote a chat application for the iPhone, almost as soon as it came out, and put it out there for the world.

An iPhone-apps startup called him, from Los Angeles, to ask him to be a lead developer. They're moving him out. Now he's busily interviewing guys much older than he is, with masters' degrees in Computer Science, to come work for him.

"Pretty good," says Alex, "for a guy with an English degree!"

Pretty good, indeed. Get some, Alex.

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