Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Home Network!

Yesterday, after work, Dean Johnson, our system administrator, dropped by, and we spent an hour or so playing with the settings on my QWEST DSL modem, an Actiontec GT701, and my WRT-54GL router, which is running DD-WRT.

Success. I can now get to my home boxes from the outside. Aaaah.

I have 3 laptops connected to the network, and can log into each, separately, from the outside. They have static DHCP reservations, which means that when I reboot them, they'll get the same IP address every time.

When Vergil Mueller and I were playing with this, over the weekend, Vergil showed me how to sign up with DynDNS, so I even have a DNS name to ssh to.

This Linux box, and Kristina's mac are wired right into the router; my other mac, I run wireless.

I can ssh to all three from my work machine. I no longer have to think, "Shoot, I left that on my laptop. I'll have to drive home."

Plus, I now understand my home network better.

Some of our success was luck; there's one piece of the setup that we got right, but don't really understand. Still, it's working perfectly. This morning, we'll ask Scott Mann to explain what we did to us.

Even without complete understanding, though, my home is now part of the internet.

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