Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What are That Spreadsheet and Form About?

A couple of posts back, I have a spreadsheet and a form, with no explanation.

Here's why I posted them, and a how-to:

Last weekend, I went to a music festival put on by the New Mexico Folk Music and Dance Society (FolkMADs), in Socorro, NM. The weekend before, I went to a local festival, the Colorado Planters' Moon Festival, in Gold Hill, CO.

I had to arrange airport transportation for both. Last weekend, I had to get between Albuquerque to Socorro. The weekend before, I helped out-of-town folks get from DIA to Gold Hill and back. My arrangements for the MoonFest were ad hoc, but Lisa Bertelli published a spreadsheet with ride arrangements for New Mexico: one sheet with riders, one sheet with folks offering rides.

Lisa's scheme seemed much better.

I wanted to see how easy it would be to set up something like hers with a Google spreadsheet, because doing so would make it possible to embed the spreadsheet right in the website for a festival, where folks could fill in their needs or offers themselves.

It was dead easy, and the posts are a demo. The next post is a step-by-step.

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