Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Interesting Blog Spam

I got two interesting pieces of blog spam today, on an older blog. Both looked like email from a real person, but with links to ads. Either someone's typing these in, or there's a marvelous piece of code out there.

Both were comments on google-calendar-related posts. The first reads only

italian property has left a new comment on your post "Google Embeddable Calendar Helper":

I use this and must say it is a great resouce.

The second is
Helen Siff has left a new comment on your post "Calendaria":

I use an electronic calender with reminders today it beeped to tell me of my doctors appointment and again about one and half hours later that I need to buy my home base furniture, I could not live without my calender it is so useful.
They're really different from one another -- one only has a link in the commenter's name, the other right in the comment. The second message also has much more content.

Both are calendar-related. Both have spelling mistakes. Still, they're pretty interesting pieces of work.

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