Saturday, May 3, 2008

Github and Lighthouse

Since Git is the new hotness, and all, I needed to start expanding my brain.

One thing I need to do is play with the hosting services that are coming out -- the analogues to CVSDude for CVS/SVN.

There are a couple, so I started with Github, which is hosting Ruby on Rails, the old hotness. Unsurprisingly, their site is built on Rails, and looks very web-2.0-y.

Github boasts integration with both Lighthouse and Basecamp, two services folks might want to use to track defects and other project-related information, so I wanted to give it a shot. I started with Lighthouse, because I'd used Basecamp before.

Mmmf. The documentation sucks. It took a couple of hours of playing to get even the simple stuff to work. You need to set up a post-commit hook, which they provide -- they offer a pair of choices, actually, but I don't yet know the difference. You download the code, install it in .git/hooks/post-commit, and fill in the blanks. But with what? The directions aren't clear at all, either to me or to other folks using them. And, because it's two independent sites interacting, it's not even clear who to ask for help.

The verdict: potentially nice stuff, which I'll try out some more, but certainly not yet cooked.

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