Saturday, May 14, 2011


Jealous of Steve Ballmer's buying Skype, I drove to Best Buy, Thursday afternoon, and bought a Color Nook.

The salesman offered me a protection package for $99. I said, "I'm going to void the warranty on this so fast it'll make your head spin."

The board has roughly the same chip set as the phone we're building at work. As a Nook, it was a locked-down, single-purpose reader. So far as I know, B&N won't even let you get to some of its hardware, like the bluetooth. Reflashed, I can now even load on whatever we write for our phone and play with it.

He said, "Next few hours?"

I said, "I'd guess the warranty on this will be void fifteen minutes after I leave the store."

I wasn't wrong. I now own a $250 Android tablet.

Before I went to bed, I slammed on Amazon's Kindle for Android app. Heh.

I'm waiting to see what Skype looks like after Ballmer re-flashes it.


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