Sunday, May 15, 2011

Audiobooks, Sort Of

I began looking for mp3 audiobooks to put in my Amazon Cloud Storage, so I could play them on my Android tablet, and ended up somewhere I hadn't guessed.

I've read that folks use their phones as MP3 players. Mine has its battery run down so fast when I use it as a phone that I can't imagine doing that. Perhaps I'm missing something.

But my NookieTab is a toy I'm exploring the boundaries of, so I bought some music, put it up in Amazon's free, Cloud Storage service, and tried playing it with their Cloud Player. Works fine.


How about an audiobook? Amazon doesn't sell many audiobooks in its MP3 store, because of DRM, but I saw Indian Tales, by Kipling and bought it. Kipling spins great yarns -- very listen-able.

Then I tried it. The book is machine-read. The synthesized voice has a British accent, which is a nice touch.

I went back and saw a book on Italian. This time, I sampled it before buying. Yup! It's lessons in synthesized English on how to speak Italian. Hearing is believing.

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