Monday, July 28, 2008

I Need Google Gears, not Prism

The Lifehacker list of favorite software and hardware is mostly non-Linux or things like Gmail that I already use. Prism, however, is neither.

I've looked and I don't want it.

Prism, from Mozilla Labs, is a single-app browser. For example, it lets you create something that will run only RememberTheMilk. They call this a "customized webapp."

The advantage? It's distraction-free. The disadvantage? It's still a browser.

Unfortunately, mostly what I want isn't freedom from distractions, it's performance. My major annoyances aren't the icon that says I have new mail -- I put that icon there, after all -- but network slowdowns.

Unfortunately, the best solution I've seen, Google Gears, often isn't available for the webapps I use. I mean, there's no Google Gears for Gmail!

And often, it's broken. Every new Firefox seems to break Gears.

If Mozilla Labs wants to help me, I hope they put some time into fixing the last of these problems.

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