Sunday, July 27, 2008

Exporting HTML from Tomboy Notes

I've now tried Tomboy Notes, so I know what it can do.

spent part of yesterday fussing with a little Java/Design Patterns project. I made some progress, but the most practical benefit was taking notes on what I was doing with Tomboy -- not because the notes helped, but because I'd never really tried Tomboy out.

One useful feature is its "Export to HTML" option. I spent a few hours noting what I was doing, as I was doing it, then exported the note. Here's the result, with no editing. After the export, it puts up a web page in the browser. From there, getting it here took three keystrokes: mark all (^A), cut (^C), and paste (^V).

HFP-July 26

  • Unpacked a bunch of stuff from the book's web site. It includes code for all examples.
  • Learned, from one of the downloaded textfiles, that I can run using a classpath with java -cp.
  • Hacked their ant build.xml file to works with my weatherstation data.
  • Verified that ant, like make, notices times.
  • Fixed an eclipse installation hiccup by paying attention to eclipse's output, which told me how to fix it.
  • Put weatherstation under git, and tried out git commit --interactive
  • Put all this into Tomboy Notes in a notebook called hfp-diary, for an excuse to play with TN. Tried out fonts, exporting to HTML, navigating menus with the keyboard.
  • Successfully, though unintentionally, removed my entire project, including the git repository. :-( After my hacking build.xml, ant clean wiped the entire directory.
  • Copy the code over from the book, and experiment with various things in git, to try to keep from wiping out the code again.
  • Get rid of the project lines, so that the sucker will compile and run.
  • Figure out how to get a run configuration set up. This is tedious, but I suppose I'll get used to it.

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Sandy said...

You might be interested in trying the TomboyBlogposter add-in, which leds you export your note directly to blogger: