Friday, January 25, 2008

USB Devices

I lose caps to USB devices. I'm amazed that I haven't lost the devices themselves.

To help me fix this, Kristina drilled holes in the caps of my two, USB key drives, and then attached the caps to the drives with dental floss, which is hard to break.

The drive I use to back up this Linux laptop is on a lanyard, looped around the iBook next to it. I pop off the top, stick it in, do the backup, then unplug and recap it.

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Jeff said...

SanDisk (at least) and probably some other manufacturers provide slide-out USB connectors. I got one for my son when he lost the cap to his memory stick, made a paper cover for it, and his sister threw out what looked like a wad of scrap paper on the coffee table. It was a cool enough idea that I got one for me and one for the daughter, too.