Thursday, October 22, 2009

A GUI Replacement for sshfs

I've been using sshfs to remote-mount my home machine onto my work machine. Now, I've stumbled on an alternative that feels better integrated with my Gnome desktop: gvfs (gnome virtual file system) in Nautilus.

The short version:
$ nautilus s
brings up a file-browser window with in it, which I can then browse and click around in. Also, is mounted as ~/.gvfs/sftp on

Yes, it has all those blanks. Oh well. You can still get to it on the command line and in scripts.

If you already have a file-browser window up, just use the URI s

If you need to go in through a different port from 22, say 666, you'll first need to add a pair of lines to your .ssh/config file that look like like this:
Port 666
You can test whether they work or not by using ssh by hand.
$ ssh

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