Monday, June 22, 2009

Twitter, Again

I'm giving Twitter another shot.

I tried Twitter a while back and couldn't get excited about it. I didn't know why I'd use it, or how.

I just got back from Open Source Bridge 2009, in Portland, OR, where it was all the rage. (The other things most attendees were into were Ruby and git.)

"Okay," I said, "let me find someone who gets it, and I'll just ask how to approach it."

Ms. Amye was willing to be my evangelista, so I logged in, set up my account, and am now following a few folks that I met at the conferences (#osb09 is the Twitter "hash code"). I've even tweeted.

I'm @goyishekop.

1 comment:

A said...

well, I tried it too, but gave up pretty soon. I hate mobile phones, I hate SMS even more than mobile phones themselves, and if I use my Pc I can as well write in my blog, no real need for twitter.

I am / was @literaamare