Monday, May 4, 2009

Fixing the Default ISO App in Ubuntu Jaunty

I just changed the default application for handling .iso files under Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope back to what it was under Intrepid Ibex. With clicky stuff.

I've been making a deliberate effort to become more comfy with GUI tools. I've been a command-line guy forever, which works fine for me, but not so well if I'm trying to help my girlfriend, or other folks who are more used to GUI, user-friendly, point-and-click interfaces.

Every Monday morning, I burn a pair of ISO images to back some stuff up to DVDs. My scripts put them onto my desktop, and I just double-click on the Destktop icons, which launches a disk-burner. (See? GUI!).

Except that this morning, I double-clicked on an iso-image icon and ... Whoops! A behavior change. It mounted the ISO.

Can I fix this by clicking? (Not "Can one?" but "Can I?")


Right click on the ISO to get a context menu. Click on "Properties," down at the bottom, then on the "Open With" tab. Sure enough, it's now set to Archive Mounter. Switch this to "Disc Burner." (And how did "disk" become "disc"? Is this a South African thing?)

Ta-da! The default for ISOs now is to burn them to disk, which is usually what I do with them.

I'm comfier with clicking all the time, which means I'm a better support guy for my friends.

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