Friday, August 15, 2008

Kevin Kempter

I met Kevin Kempter at a CLUE Installfest.

Kevin was hauling around gear in a great, Marine Corps bag. I thought, "Hah! Another jarhead. Hey ... how can I get one of those bags?"

He'd had the same thought. On a visit to MCRD, he saw a guard with the same bag, and asked him where he could get one.

"They're only for active-duty Marines, so I'm not allowed to tell you that if you go down that way one block and over two, you'll find the PX. Sir."

"Interested in giving a BLUG talk?" I asked Kevin.


"What would you talk about?"


Turns out, people are interested in Postgres.

Kevin played to a standing-room-only crowd last night.

He told us he has one client who's now pulling in a terabyte of data a day, and expects to expand this by a factor of 100.

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mendy said...

Woo hoo, how cool is that! What a handsome dude that Kevin is!!!